My Counseling Philosophy

Counseling Philosophy

Sometimes life throws us obstacles larger than lemons – more like ‘boulders’ in the road – whether it be divorce, death, financial burdens, problems with family – and my counseling philosophy stems from helping clients overcome these obstacles. It’s hard to navigate around these ‘boulders’ – they may be so large that they completely block our path, crack the pavement, and create insurmountable road blocks.

We are hard-wired to heal in safe, trusting relationships. Safe people are difficult to find – and sometimes we don’t have access to the types of relationships we need. I provide a safe, supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere, to process obstacles in life. You can finally be heard, validated , and given the tools necessary to do ‘road construction.’

I am happy to assist. Together we can work to repair the damage, and find a safe, alternate path.

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